How to eliminate bad reviews on or tripadvisor?

Posted on 26.9.2019

Finally, it’s winter vacation time and the first thing you do is type one of the available booking portals and search for a nice place to go and nice hotel to stay in. How do you usually choose the hotel where you plan to bring your family and spend excellent time together? Do you care about a number of the stars? Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort with plenty of facilities, or a smaller chalet-style hotel is a better fit for you? You scroll down through the whole description and photos and it feels like you found “THE” accommodation, but then you throw an eye on the reviews, and that makes you change your mind. One would never imagine how simple guest reviews can be powerful. It erases all the luxurious pictures, all the hotel amenities, and anything that you were fascinated by at the top of the page is forgotten in a second.
Bad things happen, technical problems can occur, people make mistakes, “c’est la vie”. The important thing is how the hotel reacts. But you cannot react if you are not notified about what’s happening in your hotel. You have no idea that the toilet in the lobby is out of toilet paper, or the light in the bathroom burnt out, the guest in a room no.36 was supposed to have a welcome drink and unfortunately, he has been overlooked. If you don’t fix all of this immediately people will surely let you know about it when they will be filling in the satisfaction form after returning home. And this is too late for them as they retain their unpleasant experience and too late for you as they may share their dissatisfaction on one of the portals. This is definitely not what you are looking for. 
I am sure hotels care about guest reviews and for sure they fix the inconveniences as soon as possible. So when the new guests check-in they will spend a great time because the waiters will be more polite, the room will be ready according to the special requests, the music in the bar will not be that loud as the last time, etc....But how does this help me with my post-vacation blues? I am not there anymore and after my experience, I certainly don’t plan to go back. This means the hotel didn’t manage to turn me, as the first time guest into the back-to-back guest and that means is losing his revenues.

And here we come with our solution. We can’t fix the things for you but we can notify you and give you the chance to react immediately when the problem arises. We integrated a new functionality into our “I am MAX” application that allows you to make a complaint in a real-time. The guests have a possibility to report any problem any dissatisfaction right away when it happens. How does it work? It’s simple. There are stickers with QR code at the hotel with a direct link to “I am MAX” which allow guests to report any complaint in a few clicks. The information will be sent directly to the hotel via email that gives the hotel enough time and opportunity to solve the issue during the stay. If the guest wishes he can be informed about the progress made.

“I am MAX” allows you to capture the negative guest experience during the stay and try to resolve it before it's out there on the portals discouraging potential customers. If you manage to deal with the issue during the stay, the guest leaves satisfied. Yes, positive reviews, seems to be the key decision-maker. It’s not the criteria No.1, it’s rather the last thing you check, but it’s the one that counts.
 We believe that all these simple opportunities to be closer to your guests, listening to their needs or complaints help you develop positive vibes about your hotel that is truly appreciated by guests. This, in the end, brings you the happy customers and the revenue that you set up as a goal for your KPI.

If you agree with us, just try I am MAX at your hotel as well and let's grow up together.Visit to try free demo.