Your own Hotel App & Assistant Solution

Posted on 12.9.2019

Are you thinking about your own Apps or hotel assistant at your hotel? The application and website with your logo, in your company colours and only for your guests? Intuitive for your guests and personal? A solution that really makes work easier and allows you to communicate guests special offers and services, important information and special events? But still with added value for guests on the other hand?
If you are really thinking of developing this kind of solution and you do not have your own IT development team, you have 2 options left: You can hire IT company to develop you this solution in a few months and not just spend money, but also energy and time to prepare the detailed product description.
The second option and I also think the smartest option is to find customizable ready-made hotel solution, which yes, we do also offer now as I am MAX White Label.

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What exactly does that mean?

We can prepare special versions of the application and the web, which we can adapt to your requirements and which we can connect with your internal systems. We can give you the whole solution and code or we will offer you the following report and regular update of the whole system.

What adjustments are possible?

By agreement, however, your version of the solution mainly includes:
  • The same functions as we have in the current I am MAX
  • Your hotel name, logo and colours in apps and the web
  • Your logo/image instead of the MAX Bear
  • Disable/enable some features
  • Connection to your PMS / POS system.
  • Other customizations according to requirements

What are the benefits of I am MAX solutions?

  • Connect the hotel with current guests to communicate with them
  • Increase sales of hotel services
  • Simplify daily tasks to hotel staff
  • The hotel is becoming more attractive and innovative

Unique features are mainly:

  • Discount coupons and special offers for services/activities
  • Connecting hotel guests with hotel activities with the possibility of chat.
  • Complains function and thus collecting instant feedback while staying guests

 Solution features:

  • The automatic answer to FAQ
  • PreCheck-In
  • Communicate with the guest via news in the app
  • Sharing events, posts, special offers hotel services
  • Intuitive map with recommended activities and places around the hotel with the possibility of navigation
  • List and details of all services in hotels with the possibility of linking to the reservation system
  • Statistics and feedback

Pick the variant of your Hotel App solution and contact our CEO, Lukas Vencelik for more information at